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Today's youth have many talents and strengths, but not many resources to help them use their talents and skills to their full potential. Swift is working with communities to supply tutoring, counseling,scholarships,and financial support for elders needing extra care. We want to make sure that our youth stay educated, motivated and successful in everything they set forth to accomplish in life. 

Keitrah Malone

Navy Official and Youth volunteer

Swift mission is to help teens and young adults utilize their skills and talents for a brighter future, by providing them with the training and resources needed to get them college and career ready.

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Together we can make a way to give our youth a better today, tomorrow, and future.

Storing Wisdom In Our Future Today

Natiki Rice

Chaplin and Youth Volunteer

SWIFT Programs

We're looking for volunteers and sponsors to help with upcoming and future events.The saying is " it takes a village to raise a child" and it does.Join us in our efforts to create brighter and better futures for our youth.

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SWIFT is a 501c3 organization located in Birmingham, AL. We offer five programs that will decrease the disparities in the communities. SWIFT market directly to the lower to middle class residents throughout the metro area. SWIFT goal is to help children and young adults realize their worth by keeping them educated, motivated and encouraged. SWIFT vision is to lower the death and crime rate in the youth by teaching them the value of life and self respect. Our vision is to also increase the graduation rate in high schools as well as college by offering different resources and learning tools to help them further their academic and career goals.

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  • Let's March Program
  • Young Mothers Program
  • Stay On Track Program
  • Youth mentoring Program
  • Counseling Program



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