Denise Lavander

Our President makes sure that SWIFT stays on top of things and that SWIFT is constantly staying active with the youth. 

Constance Paulk
Our Chief Organizer makes sure that  SWIFT stays involved in upcoming events and that people stay involved with SWIFT.

My vision is to get more of our youth active in their communities and educated. God has given our youth many talents and through our vision with Swift, they will utilize their talents, build their communities and have brighter futures. They will know that not only do we believe in them........

But we will teach them to believe in themselves.

                              LaTasha Price

LaTasha Price

Birmingham, AL

Our founder


Annette Price

Our Chief Financial Officer makes sure that SWIFT reaches all financial goals 

mission & vision

SWIFT was created to dramatically increase the academic achievements, self - esteem and life opportunities of our children and elders living in underserved communities by increasing their mastery and awareness of reading, writing, arithmetic and health education

​SWIFT works to empower our youth and seniors by providing partnerships and mentoring events bridging the generation gap.

Storing Wisdom In Our Future Today


Let's March Program - A GED program designed to prepare the youth for the GED exam as well as other life experiences. After completion of the course, the youth will participate in their graduation ceremony.

​Mentoring Programs and Young Mothers Programs

our leadership team

Jacqueeta Hatcher
Our Chief of Development makes sure we're where people need us.


We welcome any and everyone with a heart for helping others. Our volunteers here at SWIFT are loving individuals with callings on their lives to help.

Denera Marshall
Chief Counselor ensures we are always available with resources and support.